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what is the best way to package cookies for mailing

what is the best way to package cookies for mailing

what is the best way to package cookies for mailing插图


How to pack and ship cookies the right way?

Top Tips: How to Mail CookiesCool cookies thoroughly before packing.Package cookie types separately so crunchy stays crunchy and soft cookies keep their moisture to themselves. …Pack cookies in a sturdy tin or airtight container but don’t overstuff your container; crowded cookies could damage each other. …More items…

How to package and ship your cookies?

Method 2 Method 2 of 2: Packaging Cookies as Gifts Download ArticlePlace your cookies into a simple gift box or tin. …Dress up plastic zipper-locked bags with pieces of wrapping paper. Plastic zippered bags can be a great way to keep cookies fresh when you gift them.Slip cookies into a muslin wine bag for a more rustic look. …Display particularly delicious-looking cookies in a mason jar. …More items…

What are the best cookies for shipping?

PBJ Crumble Bar CookiesSnickers-Inspired Bar CookiesWhite Chocolate Cranberry Bar CookiesLinzer Bar CookiesS’mores BrowniesChewy BrowniesBrown Butter BlondiesSalted Toffee and Brown Butter BlondiesEasy One-Bowl BlondiesBetter-than-the-Box Rice Krispies Treats

Can you send cookies through the mail?

Cookies can be mailed. USPS, Fedex, and UPS are all acceptable methods of sending them, but you can also choose expedited shipping if you want them to arrive as soon as possible. What Cookies Should I Send In The Mail?

Choose the Right Types of Cookies to Mail

Not all cookies travel well; certain cookies tend to ship better than others do. Don’t mail cookies with custard or custard-like fillings or toppings, including cheesecake bars or Nanaimo bars. The custard could spoil, making a very unwelcome gift. For that matter, any cookie that requires refrigeration is not a good candidate for the mail.

Good Things Come in Secure Packages

Once you’ve baked and cooled your cookies, you’re ready for the next step: packing them. There are a few guidelines you should follow when it comes to preparing cookies to be mailed. Follow these and your cookies should arrive safely.

These Cookies Are Going Places!

Cookies that have a crunchy or hard texture such as biscotti, Mexican wedding cookies, Springerle, and shortbreads are sturdy enough to hold up for the long haul. And since they already have a fairly dry texture, drying out isn’t much of an issue.

Did you make this recipe?

Place your cookies into a simple gift box or tin. If you have a small cardboard box or cookie tin, you can line it with parchment or tissue paper to make a simple but attractive gift box.

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Certain types of cookies withstand mailing better than others. Hard cookies like biscotti and shortbread generally ship quite well, as do dense recipes like chocolate chip cookies, gingersnaps, and oatmeal cookies. Avoid shipping fragile cookies like madeleines and anything that requires refrigeration (such as cheesecake bars).

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Other shipping best practices when sending cookies in the mail

Freshness, quality, consistency, and timeliness are all factors that are top of mind when sending off a box of cookies to an eagerly awaiting recipient. Use these guidelines to ensure the cookies you’re sending are as fresh and delicious when they’re being unboxed as they were coming straight out of the oven.

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FAQs for shipping cookies

Here are answers to the top questions people have about shipping cookies.