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what is the ford taurus sho performance package

what is the ford taurus sho performance package

what is the ford taurus sho performance package插图

2013 Ford Taurus SHO w/Performance PkgBASE PRICE $39,995 PRICE AS TESTED $45,585 VEHICLE LAYOUT front-engine,AWD,5-pass,4-door sedan ENGINE 3.5L/365-hp/350-lb-ft twin-turbo DOHC 24 … TRANSMISSION 6-speed automatic 9 more rows …Aug 31 2022Manufacturer:FordProduced on:2013

What kind of engine does a Ford Taurus SHO have?

2019 Ford Taurus SHO (aut. 6) detailed performance review, speed vs rpm and accelerations chart Complete performance review and accelerations chart for Ford Taurus SHO (aut. 6) in 2019, the model with 4-door sedan body and V-6 3496 cm3 / 212.9 cui, 272 kW / 370 PS / 365 hp (SAE net) engine for North America .

What does the Taurus SHO package include?

Offering the core foundation of recommended parts for your Taurus, along with adding over 60hp and 75 of torque, this is our most value packed offering. This package transforms your Taurus SHO into a proven 12-second Family Sedan on 91 octane and higher This package includes the following Exclusive parts from Livernois Motorsports:

Should you buy a new Ford Taurus SHO?

Thinking about a new Ford Taurus, don’t count out the Taurus SHO, which gives more horsepower under the hood, and an optional performance package that will make your SHO handle even better.

How fast does a 2019 Ford Taurus SHO go?

Acceleration, 1/4 mile time and top speed for 2019 Ford Taurus SHO (aut. 6) (272 kW / 370 PS / 365 hp). Performance review with 0-60 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-100 mph, 0-160 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile times and accelerations chart. Speed vs RPM graph. Data for the car edition of the year 2019 for North America .

What are the upgrades on the Goodyear Eagle?

Chassis upgrades include stiffer front springs to reduce understeer and a front anti-roll bar that’s actually a little smaller to get the car to roll and pitch in a more predictable and balanced fashion. The shock absorbers have been modified for better low-speed damping, and the electric-assist steering has been recalibrated for better feedback from the big 20-in Goodyear Eagle F1 245/45 tires mounted on distinctive SHO cookie-cutter style wheels.

How much horsepower does a 3.5 turbo have?

There are no package upgrades to the potent 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine, which puts out an impressive 365 bhp, along with 350 lb.-ft. of torque from a low-down 1700 rpm on up. Likewise, the 6-speed automatic transmission, with its paddle shifters and aggressive Sport mode, remains unchanged. Both are mated to an awd system that drives the front wheels and progressively feeds torque to the rear wheels as needed. All nice stuff.

How does water to oil cooler work?

Extra track-day heat is carried away by a pair of water-to-oil coolers plumed into a radiator core with extra capacity. One helps the PTO on the transmission to run 16 percent cooler, and the other cools the engine oil.

Is the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO a luxury car?

In a strange way, the 2013 Ford Taurus SHO almost seems like a 21st century version of what the Jaguar Mk. II was in the Sixties—a genuinely civilized and comfortable luxury car that just happens to be quite at home on the race track. Agreeable meets aggressive halfway, with little compromise on either side.

How to tell if SHO has a performance package or pp?

Some might say it’s a basic problem that you would just have to look at if your performance package has a 5 after the 8th letter on the VIN. For instance, 1FAHP2KT5.

What is a PPaurus SHO?

For 2010, in the wake of its much-anticipated comeback to the marketplace. With a vengeance for 2011, the Taurus SHO model came back with a new performance package added.

How much horsepower does a 3.5L EcoBoost have?

The twin-turbo 3.5L EcoBoost V-6 engine is one of the biggest differences in the SHO that is being rated at 365 horsepower versus the typical engine rated at 288 horsepower on other models of Taurus.

What is selectshift mode?

SelectShift gives between a fully automatic operation and a selectable manual shift mode for a more performance-oriented driving experience.

What does SHO mean on a car?

Which means electric power-assisted steering, stiffer springs, and stabilizer bars.

What is ESC track mode?

A selectable ESC track mode which means electronic skid control, a 3.16:1 final drive axle ratio, and “summer only” compound 20-inch wheels with performance-rated tires.

How to check if track is in sport mode?

To check it twice, push the button again for the advance track to be turned back on, then push the button twice as fast as you can, and it should display or say sport mode.

What is a 5-star Taurus?

5-Star’s custom tuning makes changes to the software in your Taurus SHO’s ECU, unlocking a ton of horsepower and torque that the factory tuning left untapped . 5-Star’s custom tuning changes key parameters of your SHO’s engine management, such as its ignition timing, fuel curves, and many others all while increasing boost pressure output so that your SHO sees big gains in power. 5-Star also adjusts the shift points and shift pressures of your SHO’s transmission so that your Taurus holds gears longer and shifts faster to get improved power and responsiveness. 5-Star offers Performance Tunes that maximize your SHO’s power output, as well as Economy Tunes that improve your SHO’s fuel mileage in city driving. Both the Performance Tunes and Economy Tunes are available in 87 octane, 89 octane, 91 octane, and 93 octane varieties which gives you a ton of tune options for your Taurus SHO. While all this is great, 5-Star’s tunes give your SHO huge power gains. 5-Star’s own dyno testing showed that their 93 octane performance tune added 85 horsepower and 70lb-ft of torque to the wheels over stock, which is more than enough power to make your SHO feel like an absolute monster without sacrificing overall reliability.

What are SHO downpipes?

One of the most restrictive parts of your SHO’s engine that holds it back from making a ton of potential power is its factory downpipes and stock cats. The stock downpipes and their OEM catalytic converters cause a ton of back pressure that holds your 3.5L EcoBoost V6 back from making a ton of power and torque. Luckily, Stainless Works’ Downpipes are here to help. These downpipes free your SHO’s exhaust system up from restrictions, allowing your SHO’s turbochargers t breathe easier so that your EcoBoost V6 can generate more power. The downpipes come standard with high-flow catalytic converters to eliminate drone and rasp to keep your SHO sounding clean. Whatever your choice, Stainless Works’ downpipes offer up big time performance gains. The downpipes are made out 2.5" diameter, 304 stainless steel tubing that’s all mandrel-bent to ensure excellent levels of exhaust outflow and efficiency. Please select your downpipe configuration from the drop-down menu above.

What is the Taurus SHO Phase 3 package?

This awesome kit comes with both the hard parts and 5-Star custom tuning that your aggressive Taurus SHO needs to get huge horsepower, torque, and all-around performance gains so that your mighty SHO feels like a whole new car. The Phase 3 Package includes a high-quality Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit, Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust Kit, Stainless Works Downpipes, RAT 170° Thermostat, and an SCT X4 with your choice of 5-Star Custom Tunes that work together to bring your SHO huge performance and drivability gains without the need to shop around and look for compatible parts and accessories all on your own.

What is the SCT X4 tuner?

The SCT X4 handheld tuner takes everything that was great about the older X-Cal 3s and SF3s and puts it all in a faster , better , and easier to use interface that makes tuning, logging, and monitoring your vehicle’s performance easier than ever. The X4 features a huge, clear full-color LCD screen. Despite the huge screen, the device itself is actually smaller, lighter, and more compact than SCT’s older tuners and comes with a removable cord for much easier storage. The X4 features an all-new interface with advanced firmware that makes all of the device’s functions much faster than the older tuners and even allow the screen to rotate with tuner’s orientation, much like modern smart phones. The buttons on the X4 are larger and more responsive allowing for quick, easy navigation of the X4’s menus and submenus. The tuner comes with an OBD-II cable for hooking into your vehicle and features built-in WiFi that allows you to wirelessly download new tunes and updates from a computer on you network. If you don’t have a WiFi network, the X4 also comes with a standard USB cable for hooking to your home computer. The X4 doesn’t just tune your EcoBoost Taurus SHO, it can also read and clear DTC codes, datalog engine running information, and display a wide variety of gauges on its large screen which makes it an effective vehicle monitor.

What is a Taurus cat back kit?

Corsa’s Taurus SHO Sport Cat-Back Kit is one of your SHO’s best options for getting a much more aggressive sound when you punch the throttle, all without a ton of drone at idle and cruising. The Corsa Sport Cat-Back comes with new, larger exhaust tubing than stock and is built around a pair of Corsa Sport Mufflers made using Corsa’s unique Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology that allows your SHO to generate a much more aggressive exhaust note when under throttle, while keeping drone minimal at speed. The kit comes standard with 4" polished exhaust tips that help give your SHO a great look. The entire system is made out of high-quality 304 steel which resists corrosion and discoloration in basically any climate or application. The cat-back replaces your entire factory cat-back system and comes with both installation hardware and instructions.

What octane is a Taurus tune?

Both the Performance Tunes and Economy Tunes are available in 87 octane, 89 octane, 91 octane, and 93 octane varieties which gives you a ton of tune options for your Taurus SHO.

How many octane is 95 RON?

95 octane RON is roughly equivalent to 90 octane (R+M)/2, so you would be able to safely use one of our 89 octane tunes with your 95 octane RON.