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what is the rt plus package

what is the rt plus package

what is the rt plus package插图

R/T Plus package —For drivers who want even more feel of the road with premium refinement and details, this package adds larger and wider20 x 8-inch aluminum chrome-clad wheelswith new P245/45R20 Firestone Firehawk all-season performance tires for improved grip, front and rear seating in new premium Nappa leather, heated front seats and six Boston Acoustics premium speakers with 276-watt amplifier

What is the difference between the R/T and R/T Plus?

The R/T Plus lists for about $3,000 more than the R/T, but it also includes a little more than $2,000 in R/T optional packages as well as the leather seats and other nice upgrades. While the base R/T is a solid muscle car and a good choice for those on a budget, the R/T Plus offers a lot more for only slightly more money.

What is RT plus Dormakaba?

RT Plus RT Plus dormakaba’s RT Plus is an enhanced version of the proven RT RFID electronic lock, offering the BLE technology directly integrated in the reader. Ideal for retrofit, this durable lock is easy to use and works with Ambiance and System 6000, access management softwares.

What is the difference between the Dodge R/T Plus and SXT Plus?

The Dodge design team was being fairly honest when they named the R/T Plus trim level, and it comes with exactly the equipment that one would expect. It has the 375-horsepower HEMI V-8 from the base R/T, as well as the standard comfort features introduced by the SXT Plus trim level.

What is the Plus Group on the Audi R/T?

The Plus Group is now offered on the R/T, adding some very desirable features to the sporty R/T model, yet retaining this model’s sporty bent. It gets a power sunroof and Nappa leather with accent stitching and perforated inserts and a Premium Interior Package that includes a plush Dinamica headliner and a premium-wrapped instrument panel.

Why is the Dodge Challenger so popular?

One of the key reasons that the Dodge Challenger has been able to maintain its popular ity in the marketplace as the competition slumps comes from the fact that the company goes to great lengths to give buyers exactly what they want. That is why there are so many different trim levels, but it is also why Dodge is the only company to offer their …

What is the appearance package on the Challenger Hellcat?

The Alcantara Appearance Package is available on the Challenger Hellcat and Redeye, adding Alcantara suede and premium Laguna leather seats with SRT Hellcat logo and power four-way lumbar adjust, as well as a “Wildwheel” Alcantara steering wheel in those models with the Plus Group that we will discuss later in the piece.

How much horsepower does a Dodge Challenger have?

That is why there are so many different trim levels, but it is also why Dodge is the only company to offer their muscle car with all-wheel-drive or 797 horsepower. Inside, outside and under the hood, the Dodge Challenger offers a tremendous amount of optional features, leading to a great many trim levels and option packages. …

What tires are included in the Challenger R/T?

Also, those Challenger R/T buyers who get the Performance Handling Group can also add the Performance Plus Group, which includes the 20×9.5-inch wheels and 275/40ZR20 Pirelli summer performance tires from the Hellcat model.

What is rear seat delete on 2020 Dodge Challenger?

If you are getting a 2020 Dodge Challenger in any of the Hemi-powered trim levels, you can get the Rear Seat Delete Group package, which removes the rear seat, the seat belts and the other items associated with the rear seat.

How many options are there in the 2020 Dodge Challenger?

When the 2020 Dodge Challenger official goes on sale later this year, it will be offered with 19 different option packages across the model lineup and today, we take a look at every one of them.

What is the technology package on a 2020 Dodge Challenger?

The Technology Group Package is available on every 2020 Dodge Challenger, and it includes rain-sensing windshield wipers, auto high-beam headlamp control, Forward Collision Warning and adaptive cruise control. The Forward Collision Warning and adaptive cruise are only available on models with the automatic transmission and adaptive cruise is not available on the Redeye.

What is included in a Max?

A Max would have included Nav and a lot more options like adaptive cruise, rear park sensors, and blind spot monitoring . If you don’t have those, you can cross it off the list.

What is the difference between a R/T and a Plus?

The basic R/T has cloth seating while the leather trimmed buckets are standard on the Plus.

What kind of seats does a 2011 R/T have?

A completely base R/T would have cloth seats. Wheels and Tunes would add the Beats sound system, 20" chrome-clad wheels, spoiler, paddle shifters, and Sport Mode, but some of those weren’t available in 2011.

Does the STP brochure mention STP?

In the 12 brochure, the layout on how they explain what is in each option is very scant. And while they mention the STP they never really say what it includes , they just mention it’s available.

Does the RT Pak come with paddle shifters?

The car definitely has the RT Pak, (Paddle shifters).

Does a road and track sticker make a difference?

It’s hard to say, unless you have the window sticker, but in the end it doesn’t make much difference, unless it’s a Road and Track or AWD.

Does a Tanbam make a difference?

Tanbam. It’s hard to say, unless you have the window sticker, but in the end it doesn’t make much difference, unless it’s a Road and Track or AWD. If you’re talking about the difference between a base R/T, a Plus, or a Max, the distinctions are less clear.

What is the SRT 392?

Fully tuned for the track, the SRT 392 has everything that is needed to make a racing impact. It is based on the 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker model, and adds several major features that make it faster and more responsive. It has low-weight aluminium wheels with Pirelli tires, a racing steering wheel, and a three-mode adaptive damping suspension by Bilstein. It also includes the heated and ventilated leather-and-suede seats, a navigation system, and the 19-speaker Harman/Kardon set. A moonroof, the Technology Group, and racing stripes are the sole options, aside from the usual choice of manual or automatic transmission.

How much does a 392 HEMI cost?

It is a more expensive upgrade, at around $2,000, but it also comes with some additional extras. The headlights are equipped with the Air Catcher technology that collects air and sends it to towards the engine for extra cooling, while the front brakes get upgraded to six-piston Brembo models. The T/A 392 also replaces the Challenger’s tires with Pirellis. The leather interior is also not standard on this model, though it is available as an upgrade.

What is a 392 hemi?

The rather lengthily-named 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker is both the performance and comfort upgrade over the base R/T Scat Pack model. Using the same 392 HEMI, it is enhanced with the addition of the Shaker hood scoop and cold air intake. It is also outfitted with the stylish leather and Alcantara suede seat upholstery and special Shaker-themed styling cues inside and out. It offers the same packages as the R/T Scat Pack, aside from the leather one, since that is standard on the 392 HEMI Scat Pack Shaker. It can also be equipped with the optional Shakedown Package.

What is the R/T scat pack?

The R/T Scat Pack, despite its name, is actually the first of the 392 Dodge Challengers. It uses the 392 HEMI V-8 that ups the car’s power output all the way up to 485 horsepower. It is a car put together with the track in mind, as such power is mostly unnecessary for any non-SUV passenger car. The R/T Scat Pack comes with the same equipment as the other base models like the R/T and the SXT, though it does feature a few extras. It has 20-inch aluminum wheels, a rear spoiler, and four-piston Brembo brakes. Outside of that, it is the same as the R/T and SXT models.#N#It also shares much of its options with them. The Driver Convenience Group, the Interior Appearance Group, the Technology Group, the Alpine speaker package, and the Harman/Kardon package are all available on the R/T Scat Pack unchanged from their earlier versions. The hood stripe, navigation, and a sunroof are also available. Beyond that, there are a few special packages new for this trim level. The Scat Pack Appearance Group adds some stylish exterior accents and high intensity headlights, while the Dynamics Package adds performance wheels and tires by Pirelli, as well as 6-piston Brembo brakes. Finally, the Leather Interior Group upgrades the upholstery to a Nappa and Alcantara mix with special Scat Pack badging.

How much horsepower does a SRT Hellcat have?

Take the Challenger SRT 392 tuning, performance, and capabilities, and add in a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 making 707 horsepower. That is the SRT Hellcat. The most powerful mass-produced car available when it came out, today it holds a second place only to the other Challenger trim – the Demon.

How much difference between R/T Shaker and T/A?

At the price point of the R/T Shaker and T/A models, the $500 difference is just loose change really. The unique look of the T/A is certainly attractive, and helps the Challenger stand out of the crowd more than it already does.

What are the options on a Hellcat?

The only major options available on the Hellcat are the color of the brake calipers and whether the rear bench should be removed to make the car faster. There are also several options for racing stripes and hood graphics, and a moonroof is also available .