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what is wagon r safety package

what is wagon r safety package

what is wagon r safety package插图

Maruti Suzuki WagonR comes packed with a lot of active and passive safety features that ensure a safe journey with this car. The active safety features that are available with Maruti Suzuki WagonR areABS (antilock Brake System), Front Ventilated Disc Brakes, Front and Rear Fog Lamps, which help to avoid collision like situations.

What are the accessories available for the 2019 Maruti Wagon R?

Now, the company has revealed the official accessories available for the 2019 Maruti Wagon R. The new Wagon R’s accessories basically come in the form of three pre-designed packages: PLAY TIME, ROBUST and CASA; each bringing an interesting combination of exterior and interior kits.

What are the engine options available in Maruti Suzuki Wagon R?

The Wagon R retains its tall boy stance and now comes with two petrol engine options and both get the option of an AMT. So as far as options are concerned, Maruti Suzuki certainly has these bases covered.

Is the new Maruti Wagon R worth buying?

The Maruti Wagon R has been on the market for almost 20 years now and has gone through several updates. The new Wagon R is much bigger and capable than the previous model. It certainly looks good and offers enough on the inside as well.

What is the robust package?

The second package is named Robust and is designed for people who want a stylish vehicle for their daily use. According to the company, these people generally would play around with neutral shades with some strong highlights to make their car stand out among others.