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what to put in care package for sick friend

what to put in care package for sick friend

what to put in care package for sick friend插图

You can give them a care package with:An E-reader so they can enjoy some reading when they’re up for itA nice,soft towel that they can use when they wash themselves if they’re going to be there for a bitSome comfort foods or treats that they can enjoy along with their visitors if appropriateMore items

What are the best items for a care package?

The 14 best care package ideas to deliver smiles to loved ones in 2022Harry David. Who doesn’t love getting a gorgeous gift basket when feeling down or under the weather? …TheraBox. Share some self care. …DEMDACO. DEMDAYCO (dem-day-co) is a one-stop-shop for super heartfelt items that make for amazing care packages.Small Packages. …Goldbelly. …The Care Crate Co. …Seattle Chocolate Company. …Foxtrot. …Our Campus Market. …Knack. …More items…

How to send the perfect care package?

LEARN MORE ABOUT SENDING THE PERFECT CARE PACKAGEGet Well Care Package: Better Than Therapy. Send a get well gift that offers your loved ones an assortment of food,snacks and goodies that are guaranteed to make …College Care Packages. Delight your new scholar-in-the-making by sending one of the top 10 gifts that college girls or college boys need and want.Tea Care Package: Just Your Cup of Tea. …More items…

How can I send a care package?

USO Care Packages are sent to troops year-round, so one option to ensure that service members can receive long-distance support is to simply make a monetary donation to the USO. Another way to send a care package to the military is through USO Wishbook, in which you can select a symbolic gift from a catalogue to be sent to service members to …

How do you send care packages?

The vendors you can use to send your package to an inmate are:iCaregifts—With iCaregifts,you can send snacks and food to your loved one. …Access Securepak—They offer packages that can include food,snacks,personal hygiene products,electronic devices,and apparelUnion Supply Direct—With this company,you’ll get same-day shipping for all products except music. …More items…

Where Can You Order Sick Care Packages Online?

If you need to send some TLC in a pinch, there are plenty of sick care packages available online. Many of these retailers offer a wide variety of items, so you can find something for even the pickiest person.

What to put in a care package for a sick child?

You can help your loved ones out while their child is sick by including items to not only pamper them but also serve a practical purpose as well. 29. A card or board game.

What to buy to make your loved one smile?

Any type of new toy is bound to make your loved one smile. Consider buying legos or blocks that can be washed or disinfected easily.

What to do with your hair when you’re sick?

Being sick is a great excuse to get creative. Include wraps, clips, scrunchies, or headbands to help keep wild hair at bay while recovering at home or running quick errands.

What to do when your spouse is sick?

If your partner or spouse is sick (but not so sick that they aren’t moving around), helping them incorporate some stretching or light workouts from home could work wonders for mood and recovery .

Why do people give stuffed animals?

Stuffed animals are comforting for people of all ages. However, giving a new animal for your loved one to add to his or her collection is a great idea as they heal. Consider getting one that their parents can easily wash, or that’s meant to be more durable.

What to do with a child who is younger?

If the child you’re creating a care package for is younger, including a small scooter or tricycle to ride around the house or driveway and expend (just a little) energy could be a lifesaver. Of course, you should check whether or not their home has enough room for something like this. 20.

What to put in a care package for a friend with an injury?

Items to put in an injury care package include ice packs and wraps, Epsom salt soak, and soothing lotions or moisturizers.

What to put in care package box?

Put together a care package box full of items that offer inspiration. It could be a coffee mug that boasts an inspirational quote or even a wall decal or poster.

What to give a best friend with chronic health condition?

If you have a best friend with a chronic health condition, a care package can help them get through an especially tough time. Consider items like comfortable PJs, a good book, and any self-care products you love.

What to put in a creative inspiration care package?

Put together a creative inspiration care package complete with notebooks or sketchbooks, some unique pens or pencils, and other crafting supplies. You can DIY this care package by including some of your own crafted items.

What to do when your best friend has a sweet tooth?

If your best friend has a sweet tooth, and you have a knack for baking, it’s a match made in care package heaven! Bake up some cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, or other sweet treats that’ll last until they arrive safely in your best friend’s hands.

What to do with a sweet tooth?

1. Baked treats care package. If your best friend has a sweet tooth, and you have a knack for baking, it’s a match made in care package heaven! Bake up some cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, or other sweet treats that’ll last until they arrive safely in your best friend’s hands. 2. Green thumb care package.

What is a care package?

A care package is an amazing way to support your best friend and make them smile. Whether your best friend is sick going through a rough break-up, or just celebrating a birthday, a care package might just make their day.

What is the best way to keep your body hydrated?

Homemade chicken soup or broth: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein and a source of fluids and electrolytes, these will keep them hydrated and strong. Plus, chicken soup contains the amino acid cysteine, which breaks apart mucus and has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects!

What are some good foods to take for a get well soon?

So, load up your get well soon care package with fruits and veggies packed with this powerful nutrient including oranges, kale, kiwis, broccoli, lemons, papayas and strawberries.

What is the best drink to drink with tea?

Raw honey is antioxidant-rich and served with tea or warm milk makes a hydrating, cough-soothing, antibacterial drink.

What is the best way to clear sinuses?

An over-the-counter nasal decongestant. A neti pot or other nasal irrigation device to help clear their sinuses. Rubs or ointments that contain menthol to help breathing feel easier. A soothing hot/cold pack for aching, sore muscles.

Why do we need to include foods in sickness care?

Include some of these nourishing foods in your sickness care package to help your sick friend, family member or loved one on the road to recovery.

Does hot tea help with phlegm?

Toss in some fresh lemons, which are rich in Vitamin C and help loosen phlegm.

Do you have to limit your care package?

You don’t have to limit your care package to what fits in a get well soon gift basket. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to help them rest. These small gestures will let your loved one focus on getting better.

Photos and Frames

Digital cameras have made it easier to take and store photos than ever before, but there’s something so appealing about having a physical picture to see and hold. Print off some of your favorite photos of your loved one and put them in a photo album or some small frames to keep them protected in transit.

Non-perishable Snacks

Everyone can always use more snacks, which is why they’re a great addition to any care package. Opt for hard-packaged goods that won’t get crushed en route, and try to avoid items like chocolate that might melt in the heat if you’re shipping during the hot months.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are some of the most popular beverages all over the world, making them a solid contender for your care package. Give your loved one their favorite flavors, or help them branch out with a sampler from their go-to brand. You can also include related accessories, such as mugs, teapots, tea strainers, coffee filters and more.


Alcohol is a bit trickier to ship than other beverages because it’s restricted in some states. Rather than mailing it yourself, you might have better luck ordering directly from a beer, wine or liquor supplier and having it shipped straight to your recipient.

Books and Magazines

If your recipient is a big reader, they are sure to appreciate a care package that includes some reading materials. If you can, purchase it from your (or their) local bookstore and have it shipped to your recipient.


Scented candles are a great solution if you’re wondering what to put in a care package. Choose a nostalgic candle scent that will remind the recipient of their hometown or state, or give them a calming scent that’s perfect for relaxing.

Bath and Body Products

Help your loved ones pamper themselves by sending them everything they need for an at-home spa night. Think bath bombs, foot scrubs, moisturizer, nail polish, face masks or a manicure set. If you’re sending them liquid items, make sure to seal them carefully in case they leak in transit.

What color is the lil massage ball?

Get at all that achey soreness with this cute lil massage ball (that comes in green and pink, too), which helps with tension wherever it might be in the body. So, like, everywhere. YW.

What is a luxe sleep mask made of?

Make sure all that sleep goes uninterrupted with a luxe sleep mask made of the highest quality silk —which will keep moisture in the face, where it belongs, and won’t be itchy on sensitive skin. Plus, they’ll feel so fancy.

How long does a good patch last?

They go on the wrist and last for up to 12 hours; The Good Patch also has different sets available depending on what the person needs most.

What to do with a pal who believes in positive vibes?

For the pal who believes in ~positive vibes~, give them all the good energy with these healing candles. With crystals embedded and a variety of scents, it’ll help them cleanse their space of bad vibes and germs ASAP.

Do dried flowers make you sneeze?

Flowers, but make it less cliche! They’re trendy, they’re pretty, but most importantly—dried flowers won’t make your giftee sneeze, like fresh ones might. These add a fab pop of color and no one has to keep them alive!

Is fleece good for teddy bears?

This fleece has the coziest teddy-bear look and feel for venturing outside in the gross weather. It’s also totally acceptable to just lounge around the house in it, which is why it’s the perfect get-well-soon, look-cute-while-doing-it gift.

Is it better to use bubbles when sick?

There is no better time for bubbles than when you’re sick. Whether it’s a soak or lathering up in the shower, this lavender and wild orchid cleanser is easy on sensitive skin and so luscious. It’ll be a new fave!

What to put in a gift basket for a sick person?

Depending on the specific situation and illness, you could add practical items like a cute pill box, a beautiful colostomy bag cover or a stainless steel travel mug to your gift basket.

What to pack for a cold bed?

Pack accessories to keep warm and cozy, such as fuzzy socks, a soft blanket or a beautiful scarf. Hot-water bottles or a heatable cherry pit pillow aren’t just the perfect items to snuggle down in bed with, but they can also be used as a remedy to soothe aches and pains.

What to put in a care package?

And don’t forget the most important item of a comforting care package: a handwritten message from you. Think of a gigantic get-well card signed by all their friends, a long letter or a drawing from your/their kids. Other fantastic ideas to show you care are including old photos of the two of you together; a bunch of envelopes with uplifting quotes or well wishes, one to open for every day of their hospital stay; or a personalised coupon book with favours you’d be willing to do during their recovery period, like babysitting, watering the plants, driving them around or bringing groceries.

What to wear for pajama days?

Indulge your sick loved one with the essentials for ‘ Stylish Pajama Days ‘: a kimono or luxurious bath robe, comfy slippers and fashionable pajamas .

What are some good movies to cheer up your friend?

You could include inspirational films like Intouchables, The Pursuit of Happyness, Life of Pi, Amélie and Shawshank Redemption, but classics such as Love Actually or Bridget Jones’s Diary are also a great choice.

What to do when your friend is homebound?

If your friend will be homebound for a long time, help them bust the boredom with “entertainment-on-demand” presents like a subscription to Netflix or gift cards for iTunes and Amazon.

Why do we send care packages to sick people?

That’s why sending a get-well care package to a sick loved one is a wonderful way to show you care and to wish them a speedy recovery .