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when does royal caribbean have drink package sales

when does royal caribbean have drink package sales

when does royal caribbean have drink package sales插图

December 10 – 16 2021
Royal Caribbean has a new sale on pre-cruise purchases,including drink packages,shore excursions,wifi and more. The Countdown to the Holidays sale runs betweenDecember 10 – 16 2021and is valid on sailings from December 14,2021 to December 31,2022. It includes all ships,except Spectrum of the Seas and charter sailings.

How much does a Royal Caribbean drink package cost?

The Royal Caribbean alcohol drinks package costs between $63 and $89 per person, per day and …

Is the Royal Caribbean drink package worth it?

It is a good thing that Royal Caribbean came up with a drink package that helps you enjoy your cruise without stressing about costs, well drink costs at least! This drink package has 4 unlimited drink packages that are meant to help you cut costs on drinks while aboard an RCCL ship. There is a refreshment, deluxe, soda, and water package.

Does Royal Caribbean have drink packages?

You can purchase drink packages any day on the ship until there are less than 4 days remaining on the cruise. Beverage packages are available on all Royal Caribbean ships, however, some sailings may not offer packages. Onboard, the all-inclusive packages are available for purchase throughout the voyage with at least 4 days remaining.

Should you buy Royal Caribbean’s unlimited alcohol package?

8 awesome reasons to buy Royal Caribbean’s unlimited alcohol packageMoney saver. By far,the best reason Royal Caribbean’s unlimited alcohol package is awesome is because it can save you money.Trying new drinks. Since the cost of all your drinks is set with the unlimited alcohol packages,you can sample new drinks without fear of wasting your money.One fixed cost for all drinks. …Less vacation stress. …More items…

What Isn’t Included With a Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Royal Caribbeans drink packages have different features, inclusions, and exclusions. The specifics of the drink package should be checked before purchasing, as they can change at any time.

Is a Royal Caribbean Drink Package Worth It?

Before purchasing a drink package from a cruise line, we always suggest running the numbers before you buy.

Does Royal Caribbean Ever Offer Free Drink Packages?

Royal Caribbean doesn’t offer free drinks packages. However, you might be able to find an all-inclusive deal that includes the drink package bundled with your cruise fare.

Can I Find Free Drinks Onboard?

When you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are several places where you might find free drinks.

How Do I Buy the Drink Package?

Royal Caribbean makes it easy to purchase the drink package. There are three ways to order the drink package:

How Much is the Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Here are the latest prices of Royal Caribbean’s drink packages, which are subject to change:

Are Royal Caribbean Drink Packages Really Unlimited?

While some cruise lines limit the amount of alcohol you can order during a 24 hour time period, Royal Caribbean has no daily limit.

How much is Royal Caribbean flash eye discount?

Goods are more affordable than other businesses. You can achieve value for money through a flash eye discount:’30% Off Every Guest and Up to $250 to Spend at Sea’ in Royal Caribbean, so please buy it now…

Does Royal Caribbean offer 50% off?

It’ as easy as a pie to bring what you want home at lower prices. Royal Caribbean offers a number of quality Cruises items at an alluring price. 50% Off at royalcaribbean.com is in your hands. Don’t pass up the offer…

Is Royal Caribbean a good department store?

It’s no longer a difficult thing to get your favorites by investing a smaller amount of money. Royal Caribbean provides a number of quality Department Store items at an affordable price. discount code at royalcaribbean.com is the best choice for you. Don’t pass up the o…


Nobody has that level of inside knowledge. You just have to keep checking your cruise planner.


Just to give a sense, there have been 4 sales I made note of in the lead-up to our cruise on Navigator this month: January, Memorial Day, July 4th, the current "back to school" sale. My sister said that the soda package wasn’t discounted during any of those, but the Deluxe and Refreshment packages were.


Thanks. What is the actual sale on the packages right now? I don’t have access to the cruise planner at the moment.


I’m currently seeing buy one at $47 get 2nd at 50% off. However, when I put 2 in the cart, no discount shows….


I’m currently seeing buy one at $47 get 2nd at 50% off. However, when I put 2 in the cart, no discount shows….

Do I buy a drinks package?

On my last Royal Caribbean cruise, I bought the drinks package and got my money’s worth. We had a short four-night cruise to Royal Caribbean’s private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay, in the Bahamas.

How to work out if a drinks package is worth it?

To work out if a drinks package is worth it, you need to work out how many drinks you would need to drink each day to break even.

How many drinks can you drink on Royal Caribbean?

Whilst some other cruise lines limit the number of drinks you can order to 15 in any 24-hour period, Royal Caribbean has no daily limit. However, if you appear to be too intoxicated, the staff won’t serve you any more drinks.

How long do you have to wait between drinks in Ultimate Beverage Package?

So you can get the Ultimate Beverage Package for the adults without being required ro buy any kind of package for your children. You have to wait 15 minutes between each drink, so it is technically possible to get drinks for the kids then 15 minutes later, go and get drinks for yourselves.

What are the benefits of a drinks package?

One of the benefits of a drinks package is that if you don’t like a drink you don’t have to drink it. If you paid $13 for a cocktail and didn’t like it, you’d be pretty annoyed at yourself for choosing it. Yet with a drinks package, you’re free to work your way down the menu, trying new things.

How much does Royal Caribbean drink?

The Royal Caribbean drinks package costs between $49 and $89 per person, per day and includes unlimited drinks worth up to $12 or $13 each (depending on the ship). The price of Royal Caribbean’s Deluxe Beverage Package is not fixed. It varies depending on the sailing, and prices also go up and down as the sailing date nears.

What time does Royal Caribbean give free drinks?

Guests who have spent more than 80 nights at sea with Royal Caribbean (Diamond members and above) get free drinks between 5 pm and 8.30 pm for Happy Hour. Guests staying in a Grand Suite or higher can enjoy free drinks for a few hours each evening in the Concierge Lounge.