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where are proteins modified sorted and packaged

where are proteins modified sorted and packaged

where are proteins modified sorted and packaged插图

Golgi apparatus
Different substances are modified,sorted,and packaged by theGolgi apparatusfor secretion out of or within the cell. The Golgi apparatus is located near the nucleus of the cell,where it modifies proteins delivered in Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum transport vesicles.

How are cargo proteins modified in a cell?

Cargo proteins are modified by enzymes (called resident enzymes) located within each cisterna. The enzymes sequentially add the appropriate modifications to the cargo proteins. Some Golgi-mediated modifications act as signals to direct the proteins to their final destinations within cells,…

How do proteins move through the Golgi stack?

(A) The cisternal maturation model of protein movement through the Golgi. As a new cis cisterna is formed it traverses the Golgi stack, changing as it matures by accumulating medial, then trans enzymes through vesicles that move from later to earlier cisternae (retrograde traffic).

What organelles receive proteins from the rough ER?

A stack of flattened membranes that receive proteins from the rough ER and then modify, package, and sort them for delivery to other organelles or to the plasma membrane of the cell. Centrioles: Paired organelles that are used to organize the spindle microtubules that attach to chromosomes during mitosis.

What are modified extensions of the plasma membrane called?

A selectively-permeable phospholipid bilayer forming the boundary of the cells. Modified extensions of plasma membrane include cilia, flagellum and microvilli. General term for all cellular contents located between the plasma membrane and the nucleus.