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where can i drop off fedex express packages

where can i drop off fedex express packages

where can i drop off fedex express packages插图

Fast,convenient and secure no-contact shippingDrop your packages in a FedEx Drop Box and get it on its way without any person-to-person contact.With thousands of FedEx Drop Boxes available nationwide,you can find one at a shopping center,grocery store or FedEx Office location near you. Big box? No problem. …Drop boxes fit your schedule with 24/7 drop off for FedEx Express,FedEx Ground and FedEx SmartPost shipments. …More items

Does FedEx leave packages at local post office?

No. Absolutely not. There is a service called FedEx-SmartPost in which FedEx handles the long-haul, and the Post Office does the final delivery. The Postal carrier may take your package back to the Post Office to hold if you weren’t home, and there was no place to leave it. But it wouldn’t be a FedEx delivery person in the first place.

How to hold package at FedEx location?

The person whose name is on the package must be the one that picks up the shipment.A government issued ID upon pickup will be required.Your package will be held in a secure location so you don’t need to worry about unattended packages.Your customer has 5 days pick up the shipment. …More items…

Can I drop FedEx packages at Walgreens?

Yes you can drop off your FEDEX package at Walgreens. Go to your local Walgreens and take the package to where the camera department is. That is where you notify the person who is working at the department that you are dropping off a package for FEDEx. You can’t just walk in and leave it with the other people who happens to be working there.

Can I drop off FedEx at USPS?

They didn’t go to the post office regularly. Therefore, FedEx parcels may be brought back to customers, or if USPS employees are feeling charitable, they may be dropped at one FedEx office on their way back home. Furthermore, UPS numbers always begin with 1Z.

How to make a FedEx label?

Create a shipping label online or fill out an airbill using your FedEx account number. Print the label and affix it to your package, then bring your package to a FedEx Drop Box near you. No cash, check or credit card payments are accepted at the drop box location.

What size boxes does FedEx accept?

Package sizes can vary, boxes up to 20" x 12" x 6" are accepted at a drop box near you.

Can you use FedEx shipping labels?

You can use FedEx packaging or your own with a FedEx shipping label. Packages should not be left outside the drop box. Bring packages too large for the drop box to the counter at a FedEx location near you. Choose from thousands of FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Center^®^, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter^®^, Walgreens, Dollar General, and grocery locations nationwide.

Does FedEx ship hazardous goods?

FedEx also has nationwide FedEx Office locations offering packing and shipping services, as well as FedEx Ship Centers with late hours and cutoff times and the ability to ship some hazardous goods.

Does drop off work on Saturday?

Drop-off times vary depending on location. Thousands of drop boxes across the country now offer extended drop-off times. Saturday pickup is also an option at select drop box sites.

What is a FedEx ship center?

FedEx Ship Centers provide another option for customers looking to utilize FedEx services.#N#How is a FedEx Ship Center different from a FedEx Office location? FedEx Ship Centers don’t offer services such as packing and office printing, their hours are not as long as FedEx Offices, and their shipping solutions are slightly limited. However, they do provide special support for shipping approved dangerous goods and hazardous materials, and offer late dropoff times – usually, 1 hour later than FedEx Office locations.#N#FedEx Ship Centers offer the following services:#N#FedEx Domestic Services:

How long does it take to get a FedEx box picked up?

The latest pickup for a FedEx box is within an hour of the nearest local FedEx store location. This is because drop boxes are emptied before packages are collected from the local store, then get shipped out that night. Most FedEx Stores close between 7-8, but call your local location to confirm.

What is FedEx Office?

Officially branded as FedEx Office, these retail stores are where you can access FedEx’s most popular shipping services.

How to find a FedEx office near me?

To find a FedEx Office near you, visit FedEx’s Locations page and enter in your address. In order to restrict the nearby locations to only FedEx Offices, we suggest clicking the “More” button and checking the “Copy and print services” box.

How long does it take to open an Easyship account?

Open up an Easyship account in a few minutes and start scaling your business today!

Where is FedEx drop box?

FedEx drop boxes are usually located near office buildings, airports, shopping centers, and grocery stores.

Where to drop off FedEx?

To find a FedEx drop off near you, visit FedEx’s Locations page and enter in your address. If you already have a pre-paid label, you can choose to filter results by clicking on “Drop box shipping” to find the nearest unmanned receptacle.#N#FedEx drop boxes are usually located near office buildings, airports, shopping centers, and grocery stores.#N#However, if you need additional services added, or feel more comfortable dropping off your shipment where there are people around, you can click on “Drop labeled package at staffed location”, which will show FedEx Office, FedEx Ship Centers, and other retail outlets in the results.#N#FedEx Ground Drop Off Locations#N#You can drop off parcels being shipped via FedEx Ground at any FedEx drop off location. However, it’s worth noting that FedEx Ground pickup times may vary from FedEx Express pickup times, in that they are earlier and may not be available during weekends.#N#You can see the FedEx Ground pickup times listed when looking at the results on the FedEx Locations page.

What is neighborhood parcel?

Neighborhood Parcel is the leading international shipping and moving service in the Boston MA area. As FedEx, DHL and UPS Authorized shipping center; we can help you package and ship your valuable goods across town or over the Atlantic! In addition to our robust menu of international shipping services, we are becoming the leading Mover and International Mail Forwarder in Boston Massachusetts.

Where is Neighborhood Parcel located?

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Tewksbury MA, Neighborhood Parcel is easily accessible from all major highways and ideal location for all FedEx shipping services near Andover, Dracut, Lowell, Billerica, Wilmington and Tewksbury MA.

Does Neighborhood Parcel have FedEx pickup fees?

Neighborhood Parcel will help you eliminate FedEx pickup fees and wasting time waiting for FedEx truck to show up. The service is free and your package MUST meet the following requirements:

Where to print FedEx labels?

For package tracking and FedEx Customer Service go to www.fedex.com or call 1.800.GO.FEDEX.

Can you drop off FedEx labels in store?

Drop off pre-packaged and pre-labeled shipments. FedEx shipping labels are not available in store, you MUST print your own label, package your material correctly to be accepted for FedEx and UPS Network.