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where does usps leave packages in apartments

where does usps leave packages in apartments

where does usps leave packages in apartments插图

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You will still be able to retrieve your mail from your mailbox or a parcel locker delivered by USPS. When it comes to direct deliveries to your apartment or home, parcel carriers will leave packages (that don鈥檛 require a signature)at your doorwithout any contact during times of severe virus outbreaks.

People also ask

  • How do I get packages delivered to my apartment?

  • Instead of delivering to your mailbox or one of the parcel lockers, parcel carriers will either deliver your packages to the front door of your apartment (or the most secure entry point) or to the leasing office. The carriers will likely visit your front door first.

  • Does the USPS no longer leave packages at the door?

  • On a side note, if you’ve ever been to the Post Office on a Saturday morning you know it to be one of the worst places to be in the world and there is some life sucking force at work there. Re: Does the USPS no longer leaves packages at the door? If it’s a national policy, it’s news to me. Our mail carrier is still leaving packages on the doorstep.

  • Does FedEx have access to apartment mailboxes?

  • Does FedEx have access to apartment mailboxes? Parcel carriers like FedEx, UPS, and Amazon will not use your mailbox to deliver packages, but that鈥檚 because they鈥檙e not really delivering your mail at all 鈥?hence our reference to FedEx, UPS, and Amazon as 鈥減arcel carriers鈥?and USPS as 鈥渕ail carrier.鈥?Does UPS deliver to your apartment door?

  • Can I leave a FedEx package at my door?

  • For FedEx Ground packages, you can leave the signed door tag on your door and we will deliver your package the next business day. How does FedEx drivers get into apartment buildings? Originally Answered: How do mail delivery employees (USPS, FedEx, UPS) get into apartment buildings?