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where to have packages delivered

where to have packages delivered

where to have packages delivered插图

Pack and ship store
Have the package delivered to your localpack and ship store. If you get a lot of packages delivered,renting a mail box is the way to go. If you rarely order packages and don’t want to rent a mail box for an extended time,contact your local pack and ship store about their package receiving service.

What time does FedEx stop delivering packages?

So, what time does FedEx stop delivering packages? From Monday to Friday, FedEx stops shipping packages at 8 p.m. Plus, FedEx outlets may operate on an inconsistent schedule depending on the COVID-19 restrictions in your area. FedEx Tracking and Status; Before you plan your cheap FedEx shipping, you should familiarise yourself with the resources available to you. First of all, you’ll need the tracking number to keep track of your package.

What time will the ups deliver to my home?

Exactly when will my package be delivered? UPS Ground packages are generally delivered anytime Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (and sometimes later) to residences, and to business addresses during their normal business hours Monday through Friday. Weekend delivery is available in eligible locations.

How to get packages delivered to your apartment?

The Best Way to Get Packages Delivered to Your ApartmentGood: Lockup. Get a package delivery lockbox. …Better: Be Willing to Tip. Your apartment property manager,landlord,doorman or maintenance worker may be willing to sign for and accept your package.Best: Avoidance. …Alternatives. …Heers Management. …

Where to get package shipped?

You can drop off your package at a FedEx location or drop box, or you can schedule FedEx to pick up your package from your home or office. You can find your nearest FedEx location or drop box by using the Find a FedEx Location tool. If you’d rather arrange a pickup, you can schedule one online with your customer account, or call 1.800.GoFedEx.

Delight your customers

Your business can now offer same-day delivery, whether you’re selling clothes, shampoo, or freshly baked cakes.

Connect with friends and family

The Uber app helps provide a new delivery solution for a last-minute birthday gift or your forgotten keys, saving you a trip across town.

Run your business

Transfer documents, supplies, and equipment across sites or offices to keep things running smoothly.


Watch your item as it makes its way to the recipient, and get a notification when it’s delivered.


Generally, if it fits in the trunk of a midsize car, it can go with Uber Connect.¹ And in select locations, you can choose a delivery method and vehicle type that meets your needs.

Can My Packages Be Delivered to the Leasing Office?

Over the parking lot and through the gated exit, to the leasing office we go! Depending on your relationship with the property manager, landlord, or leasing agent, the leasing (or management) office may or may not be your favorite place to go .

How stressful is it to deliver packages in an apartment?

The abundance of package deliveries can be stressful for the employees in your apartment’s leasing office , especially during the holidays when online shopping skyrockets or when people begin to panic buy essential items. They have to deal with the process of receiving, signing for (sometimes), logging, storing, and contacting residents about delivered packages. To avoid this hassle, some apartment communities have shifted towards more innovative technology, such as virtual concierge services that accept packages and computerized parcel lockers that notify you when your package has arrived. This is a great way to avoid the leasing office package delivery dilemma!

What is parcel locker?

A parcel locker is meant to hold any package that cannot fit in your mailbox — it’s a shared mailbox with other residents in your apartment community . However, only packages for one resident (or unit) can be placed in each parcel locker at a time (for security reasons). Unfortunately, the key left in your unit-specific mailbox doesn’t open …

What is the standard size of a mailbox for an apartment?

Tenant mailboxes vary in size, but according to USPS regulations, a standard tenant mailbox must be no smaller than 3 inches high by 12 inches wide by 15 inches deep. For anything that won’t fit in your standard-sized apartment mailbox, the mail carrier will lock the package in a parcel locker in the mail area of your apartment complex.

What happens if you don’t drop a package at your door?

If the carrier does not deem your front door a secure location to drop the package, they will leave it with an employee of the leasing office (if there is one) or notify you that they will attempt to deliver the package again at a later date when the tenant (you) is home.

What to do if your mailbox is full?

If your mailbox is so full that the USPS cannot fit any more bills into the box (bills, bills, go away — come again another day), then you need to be checking the mail more frequently. Do your beloved delivery service a favor, my fellow renters, and empty your mailbox on a regular basis.

How to sanitize mail locker?

After you’ve opened your mail or a package, wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds to remove any germs that may have come from said mail or package. It’s better to be safe than sorry during uncertain times in your country, state, or city.

Why do you need a package receiving service?

This provides a way to keep your packages safe from thieves and weather damage, and means they’ll be ready for you to collect when it’s most convenient to you. Package receiving services can even sign for your parcels, adding an extra level of security to your shipments.

Why is package receiving important?

This is helpful because many online retailers won’t ship to PO boxes or anything other than a real street address.

What is package receiving?

Package receiving services are an excellent solution to the problem of getting deliveries somewhere other than your home address. They’re also useful if you’re wondering how to get something delivered secretly. Package delivery services can hold your items outside your house so that your surprises won’t be ruined before you can give them.

What is a PO box?

A PO Box, or post office box, operates in a similar way to a package locker, but is more generally for both mail and packages. The mailperson drops your mail into a box and locks it up after them. Then you can let yourself into the box once your mail has arrived. PO Boxes aren’t just for mail, either.

What if I don’t want a package delivered to my house?

“What if I don’t want a package delivered to my house,” you may be saying, “but I can’t find a package acceptance service near me?” Well, in that case, your best option may be to see if a friend can receive your packages for you. If you know someone who is at home during the day, this can be the easiest way to receive packages. A friend will probably be more flexible about when you can pick your packages up. And it may not cost you anything, although it could be a good idea to get your friend a little something for helping you out.

What to do if you don’t have a friend?

If you don’t have a friend who can help, see if you can have your packages delivered to your workplace. This can be a very convenient solution if you’re already at work anyway and it can save you from having to make a special trip. Of course, this depends on your workplace.

Can you ship packages across the border?

Package receiving services can also be helpful for cross-border shopping or if you’re staying in a different location to normal – for example, if you’re on a work trip or living as a digital nomad. Many online retailers won’t ship across state or national borders. Using a package acceptance service can allow you to have packages delivered in a nearby state and cross the border yourself to pick them up.

What are the benefits of UPS?

Features and Benefits of The UPS Store Alternate Delivery Program 1 Packages are delivered to a secure, staffed location 2 Recipients must present identification or other information you require to pick up packages so you know your shipment will reach the intended recipient 3 Your customers and/or employees will receive a superior and consistent level of service and professionalism 4 You may choose to access all of The UPS Store locations or select just a few centers as designated delivery locations

How to find out more about ADL?

To find out more about the ADL program, fill out the CRS Business Application to have someone contact you.

What happens if you don’t pick up your package?

If the package is not picked up by the end of those additional days, the package will be returned to its originating location or pre-determined destination. If the program does not have additional days available, the package will be returned.

Can UPS re-direct a package to another address?

For security purposes, customers are not able to re-direct their shipments to another address. Once delivery is directed to The UPS Store, the shipment cannot be intercepted and re-directed to a different location.

Who presents the required identification or other information you require and retrieves the package at their convenience?

The recipient presents the required identification or other information you require and retrieves the package at their convenience

Who can pick up packages at their convenience?

Your customers, employees, guests, clients, members, and/or other end users can pick up their packages at their convenience

What is mailbox service agreement?

The mailbox service agreement is an agreement between The UPS Store location and the primary box holder for the duration you receive mail at that location. Contact your neighborhood location for more information on getting started.

Does UPS forward mail?

Yes. The UPS Store offers mail-forwarding services for mailbox holders. The representatives at The UPS Store can forward your mail to you, anywhere you are. Additional charges may apply.

Does UPS have mailboxes?

The UPS Store offers various mailboxes sizes. Contact your neighborhood location today to find out what’s available..

Can you receive packages from any carrier?

You can receive packages from any carrier with your mailbox agreement.

Can you allow someone to pick up mail?

You can permit people to pick up your mail by lending them the key to your mailbox. Possession of the mailbox key shall be considered valid evidence that the possessor of the key is duly authorized to remove any contents from the mailbox.

How to get a package redelivered?

If you have your tracking number, you can also schedule Redelivery via USPS Track ing.

What to do if package doesn’t fit in mailbox?

If your package doesn’t fit in your mailbox and you won’t be home to receive it, you can provide USPS Delivery Instructions online and authorize your carrier to leave it in a specified location. Just track your package and select “Delivery Instructions.”.

What is a hold for pick up?

Hold For Pickup allows the recipient to collect a package at the local Post Office. If you’re the recipient and you’d like to redirect an incoming package to a Post Office for pickup, you can select Hold For Pickup using USPS Package Intercept ®. Get Started. with Hold For Pickup.

How long is the Premium Forwarding Service Residential?

The temporary service is available for periods as short as 2 weeks and up to 1 year.

Can you redirect a USPS package?

With USPS Package Intercept ® service, you can redirect domestic packages, letters, and flats with a tracking or extra services barcode as long as the items have not yet been delivered or released for delivery. Either the sender or the recipient can request to have a shipment redirected as Priority Mail ® back to the sender’s address or to a Post Office? location as a Hold For Pickup.

Does informed delivery include signature?

Informed Delivery now includes USPS Electronic Signature Online ® (USPS eSOL ® ), a feature that allows you to digitally sign for incoming packages that require a signature including Priority Mail Express ®, Signature Confirmation ?, and those insured for $500 or more. USPS carriers will leave your packages in your mailbox or at your preferred delivery location if they are too large to fit in your mailbox.

Is it safe to change your address online?

For a small fee, you can change your address online in just a few simple steps. It’s safe and secure because we verify your identity. You’ll get an immediate email confirmation once it’s complete. Plus, you’ll get instant access to over $500 in valuable coupons provided by third-party retailers in your area.

What does "more shopping online" mean?

More shopping online means more package deliveries for consumers. As we head into the holiday season, the FCC has received complaints about a resurgence in delivery notification scam calls and texts, proving once again that fraudsters are following the trends and adapting their scams to steal your money and information.

What is the number for a fake delivery notice?

Other scam calls and texts may claim you need to pay a customs fee or tax before the delivery can be made. Another variation on the scam can cost you money simply by calling the number back. The fake delivery notice will include a call back number with an 809 area code, or other 10 digit international number.

What is certificate error?

Certificate errors or lack of online security protocols for sensitive activities.

Do UPS and FedEx send unsolicited texts?

National delivery companies are also providing information on their websites to help consumers avoid falling for package delivery scams. Both FedEx and UPS say they do not seek personal or payment information through unsolicited texts and email.

Can you call back an unexpected delivery notice?

While these messages often look or sound legitimate, you should never click a link or call back the number from an unexpected delivery notice. Contact the delivery service or seller directly using a verified number or website.

Can a scam call you back?

In some cases, a link may open a website that prompts you to enter personal information, or it may install malware on your phone or computer that can secretly steal personal information. The number you call back may be answered by a scam "operator" asking to verify your account information or the credit card number you used for a purchase. Other scam calls and texts may claim you need to pay a customs fee or tax before the delivery can be made.

Is UPS a fraud alert?

UPS provides examples of these types of fraudulent communications on its fraud alert webpage.