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where to return a ups package near me

where to return a ups package near me

where to return a ups package near me插图

What time does ups pick up?

You can schedule pickups Monday – Saturday until 2:00 AM CT on the day of the pickup. After 2:00 AM CT, same-day pickup is not available. You can edit or cancel a scheduled pickup request until 2:00 AM CT on the day of the pickup.

Can I drop off USPS packages at an UPS Store?

Yes, you can drop off USPS labeled packages at UPS stores. I confirmed with a store clerk. One of the main goals of a UPS … 10. Drop off packages |FedEx Where can I drop off a FedEx package?

Where can I find ups drop box?

UPS Drop Box – STAFFED LOCATION. 3141 CENTER AVE, JANESVILLE, WI 53545. 800-742-5877 251.63 mile. UPS Drop Box – THE TITLE TEAM. 2851 LIBERTY LN, JANESVILLE, WI 53545. 251.63 mile. UPS Drop Box – OLDE TOWNE MALL. 20 S MAIN ST, JANESVILLE, WI 53545. 251.63 mile.

Where are ups drop off places?

UPS Authorized Shipping Provider at 302 BURLINGTON AVE in SPUR, TX Staffed Full-Service UPS Shipping and Drop Off Services It should be easy to find a UPS drop off point near you to ship and collect your packages. Customers that want to ship UPS can go to our Authorized Service Center located inside of SPUR HARDWARE in SPUR, TX.

What is UPS authorized service center?

UPS Authorized Service Centers are available for customers to create a new shipment, purchase packaging and shipping supplies, and drop off pre-packaged pre-labeled shipments. These locations bring flexibility and convenience for our customers.

What is UPS Alliance Shipping?

UPS Alliance Shipping Partners offer full-service shipping services. Customers are able to create a new shipment, pick up and drop off pre-packaged pre-labeled shipments. Staffed personnel is also available to provide shipping advice and to assist with picking out the proper packaging and shipping supplies, which are available for purchase.

What is an access point for UPS?

UPS Access Point® locations are very convenient for customers looking for a quick and simple stop in any neighborhood. Drop off pre-packaged, pre-labeled shipments, including return packages. Customers can pick up shipments that have been redirected or rerouted.

Can UPS drop off pre-packaged items?

UPS Customer Centers are ideal to easily create new shipments with the use of our self-service kiosks. Customers can also drop off pre-packaged pre-labeled shipments. Limited packaging supplies are also available to finish preparing a shipment. Customers in a time crunch can also print mobile shipping labels.

Does UPS have a shipping location?

At UPS, we make shipping easy. With multiple shipping locations throughout the United States, it’s easy to find reliable shipping services no matter where you are. Our UPS locations will help make our customers’ visit simple and convenient for their shipping needs. Quickly find one of the following UPS shipping locations with service right for you:

What is 360 returns?

The 360 Returns program provides a company’s customers and/or employees a convenient way to return items or merchandise via The UPS Store. Companies have different return options to choose from. Ask us about our "no box or no label" and Group Ship® programs. You also have the option of having all shipping and/or packing charges billed to them or to have the end-user pay for the service.

How to return UPS 360?

The UPS Store® 360 Returns® Program 1 Eliminate the need to send empty boxes to customers 2 Stay focused on your business 3 Reduce damages on insufficiently packed items 4 Increase reclamation rates

How to find out about 360 returns?

To find out more about the 360 Returns program, contact your UPS account representative or fill out the CRS Business Application to have someone contact you.

What is group ship?

Group Ship® is a proprietary return management solution for eligible businesses offered exclusively through The UPS Store. Through the Group Ship® program, a The UPS Store client can direct its customers to bring eligible return items to The UPS Store locations without a box or label and The UPS Store will process, pack, and ship the items to a designated location.

How does Exchanges help your company?

Our Exchanges solution can help your company save time and money by expediting the exchange process for your customer, employee, guest, client, member, and/or other end user.

Does UPS ship electronics?

This includes specialty packaging materials and techniques for a variety of items, including electronics. Whether or not you have The UPS Store location pack your item (s) may depend on the value and fragility of the item (s) and your company’s shipping arrangements.

What is the weight of pallets?

The weight of all your pallets combined may not exceed the numeric value 99999 in lbs or kg. Correct value to continue.

How to contact UPS Worldwide Express Freight?

This UPS Worldwide Express Freight? shipment requires assistance. When you’ve completed your shipment, please contact UPS Customer Service at 1-800-782-7892.

How to schedule a pickup without labels?

To schedule a pickup without labels (your driver will bring shipping documents), continue below. I will. Pay My Driver. If you want to use a check or money order to pay your driver for package pickup charges (and shipping charges if applicable), select the appropriate check box. Do not select one of these payment methods if you want …

Does UPS notify you of a pickup request?

UPS will notify you if there is a problem sending any of the e-mail notifications you requested for this pickup request.

When will the total amount due to the driver be listed?

The total amount due to the driver will be listed when you finish and verify your pickup request details. Your driver will bring the required shipping documents.

Can you enter tracking number without spaces?

Yes. No. Optional: Enter tracking numbers without spaces, separated by commas, to check if pickup charges are prepaid. (If you have return label tracking numbers, enter them here) (Maximum 30 tracking Numbers) Correct the Tracking Numbers as indicated: Note: Pickup charges may apply for the tracking number (s) entered.