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who owns fishing care package

who owns fishing care package

who owns fishing care package插图

Bailey Scott Damberg
Attorney Ashley Moody and her office entered into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (hereafter referred to as the AVC) against Fishing Packages,Inc. d/b/a Fishing Care Package and its owner,Bailey Scott Damberg,for deceptive and unfair trade practices regarding the online advertising,promoting,marketing,and selling of various goods,including,but not limited to,fishing lures.Phone:(772) 214-6199Occupation:Manager

Is there a fishing Care Package Company in Florida?

Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Florida the Caribbean is issuing a warning against the company, Fishing Packages Inc. formerly known as Fishing Care Package, LLC and website fishingcarepackage.com due to a high volume of recent consumer repor t… This is a multi-location business. Need to find a different location?

How do I complain about a fishing care package?

File a complaint with the BBB if you google BBB fishing care package it will pop up if you have encountered the same issue thank you. Ordered 2 reels on 10/30/2020. It has been 30 days and the reels have not been delivered. My credit card was charged immediately following order placement.

Is there a warning against fishing packages in Florida?

If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.… Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Florida the Caribbean is issuing a warning against the company, Fishing Packages Inc. formerly known as Fishing Care Package, LLC and website fishingcarepackage.com due to a high volume of recent consumer repor t… This is a multi-location business.

RIPOFF Company

AWESOME, I just saw that Florida’s Attorney General has gotten involved and appears to of fined him $15000.00. I never got my order and they lied to my credit card company about sending it and they took their word over mine, at least someone is listening,What a douchebag.

Get with your credit card company

Get with your credit card company. I was able to get my money back on my credit card by filing a dispute. Yes I won money was transferred back to my credit card. FCP OUTDOORS you belong in hell for preying on us pour sports fishermen you suck cock!!!!

Company is a freaking joke

Hell on the rating they have 1 star threw five. How can you rate a zero. All I can personal say. I would very much enjoy meeting the business owner face to face. Let me leave it at this. He may leave, but I’m far sure. When he leaves, their face wouldn’t leave in the same appearance. As when I first met them. ????????

Have to give a star

I gave one star, because you have to inorder to write a review. Stay away from this company. They will rip you off. I whish I had done my research before ordering from them. Its been over a year and I still haven’t received my full order. They just sent the free plastics that came with the reel I purchased. The plastics are of substandard quality.

Never receive order

Never receive order. Multiple attempts to contact them. No response. Total scam

Same as everyone else on this site, ordered reel and never showed up

What I noticed about this place later is that there are no reviews of this place unless you look for them. They have somehow configured it that you can’t see reviews when you google their name. Pretty sketchy of google too.
Amazing is that even after the credit card countered after I filed a claim this sham company still said they shipped it to me.


This has to be a scam. Ordered 2 Abu Garcia Revo S baitcaster reels on May 5, 2020. After 7 months, I still have not received the reels. Emailed numerous times asking for refund or items with no response. For the past week it is showing on Shopify that it was shipped but no tracking number. I seriously doubt I will receive anything.

Additional business information

Additional Information: Our files contain a pattern of generally allege from consumers that allege that they placed an order and have not received items. Consumers also state that they have also tried reaching company to obtain a refund and have been unsuccessful.

Customer Complaints

Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help. We’ll guide you through the process. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews

Local BBB

BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes.


That review was in January. The vid posted on YouTube from Realistic Fishing was 2 weeks ago.


Favorite Lake or River Fishing local lakes and rivers, mostly from the bank.


I bought a Garcia reel from them yesterday on their one hour hot deal well I’m still waiting to see if I get the reel ,The only thing so far that was hot is how hot they grabbed my money. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep you posted this is 2/26/20

Don Conant

Hello, have any of you heard or bought anything from Fishing Care Package and if you bought it, what did you think of it? Did you buy it from the Flash Sale that they have?

MN Fisher

Like a dummy I ordered not one but two of the Garcia flash sale reels. Been a month and a half ago I have emailed them several times with no response according to Arrive the item shipped in the middle of February but I’ve never got a tracking number or anything.

Ordered reel on April 2nd

Ordered reel on April 2nd . can’t get an email from them I’ve sent several emails to them they took my money the day I ordered it this has to be the worst company on line.


I’ve had the same problem as everyone else, I guess. I ordered a couple reels, they confirmed my order but never received the product. I tried to contact them a couple times but no response definitely a scam!!!!

same issue as everyone else it seems

same issue as everyone else it seems . ordered a reel over a month ago with only a tracking number sent to me after I complained to them in an email but the reel still hasent shipped.i figured it was a scam, prices to good to b true

Scam Artists…hope they Enjoy prison

Ordered 2 Abu Garcia rod and reel combos for $99 and never received them. They originally responded to my first email about an expected delivery time. (they claimed it was ready to ship out to me) after 3 more weeks and no responses to other emails I disputed the charges with my credit card company.


Scam. Never sent my order and will not respond to any emails or Facebook posts. Don’t do it.

This company is a joke!

I would have gave 0 stars if I could. I put in a $60 order a month ago for my son. I tried to email them and text them (which is weird?? a company giving a text number…. not a phone number to talk to a customer service associate) numerous times and I get no response. Save your money… this place is a joke!

I ordered 2 Abu baitcaster reels

I ordered 2 Abu baitcaster reels, 2 Quantum baitcasting rods, and 2 Fisherman’s dream boxes. They only sent me one box of baits and a supposed free package of worms. Spent over $100 dollars and they will not respond to my emails, texts or messages on fb. I’m disabled and had to save up to get this.