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who owns packaging corporation of america

who owns packaging corporation of america

who owns packaging corporation of america插图

Who owns Packaging corp of America?TennecoThe company was founded in 1959 by the consolidation of three companies and was eventually acquired by Tenneco in 1965. In November 1995,the company’s name was changed to Tenneco Packaging Inc.; in 1999,a new entity re-established the name Packaging Corporation of America.

Why choose Packaging Corporation of America?

From the beginning, Packaging Corporation of America has been built on the devotion and cooperation of its customers and its people. As we have grown, we have maintained one particular focus: to deliver world-class containerboard and packaging solutions where you need us, when you need us.

What businesses did PCA acquire?

PCA expands its reach and coverage by acquiring three packaging businesses: Field Packaging, a specialty sheet plant located in the Chicago area; Packaging Materials Company, a sheet plant in Huntsville, Alabama; and Colorado Container Corporation, a full-line combining plant located in the Denver area.

Why PCA packaging?

PCA has been named to Forbes magazine’s 2021 list of “World’s Best Employers” — one of only 24 U.S.-based manufacturing/engineering companies to make the list. E-commerce packaging is a key part of the brand experience and a critical component of an efficient supply chain.